“Wax for Antioxidation-Merhods” New environment recovery wax

"Wax for Antioxidation-Merhods" New environment recovery wax

  4L ¥18,684
It is a wax for Anti-Oxidation-Mmethod blended with new Anti-Oxidant-Solution.
"New · Environment Recovery Wax" is urethane wax blended with a special enzyme called New-Anti-Oxidant-Solution developed by Shinichi Aida.

Compared with conventional resin wax, it forms a thick coating film and protects the floor firmly. In addition, durability, water resistance, chemical resistance are far superior. It is possible to construct 400 square meters with 1 can. Sick house countermeasures by eliminating chemical substances, prevention of floor pollution by antistatic effect and house dust suppression effect, and energy saving can also be realized.
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