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As environmental deterioration progresses, unmanageable abnormal weather is triggering huge disasters all over the world. Earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, extreme heat… nature threatens our life over and over again. You may be concerned with what is going to happen to the earth in the future.
How can we humans restore this unbalanced environment? We have been lead to believe that we can restore the earth’s environment if we reduce CO2. Hydrogen is clean… Water is clean… Many countries believe this blindly, and are excited to develop hydrogen energy. Can hydrogen energy really resolve our environmental issues? I believe we can discover the solution to our problems if we consider the standpoint that, in fact, hydrogen and water are leading environmental contamination. Think simply. Hydrogen is the element of water. Water is generated when hydrogen is oxidized. CO2 is an oxidized or burned substance, too. It’s hot if something is burning, so the temperature naturally rises. However, just burning doesn’t sustain environmental destruction. Involvement of creatures (including human beings) accelerate environmental destruction. Things rot because of moisture. Although invisible, there are putrefying bacterias in water, soil and air and they love oxidant environments. Increasing putrefying bacteria boosts burning speed and promotes global warming quickly.
Medical personnel say, “live life reducing bad bacteria and increasing good bacteria.” This phrase hints that increasing bad bacteria (putrefying bacteria) causes ailment (rot), and people may think it is better to eat foods containing a lot of good bacteria. However, there is both good and bad bacteria in the air we breathe. It seems the key to our health remains in balancing the good and bad bacteria. If the solution for our health is in the balancing act of our bacteria, it may be said that purification of the earth’s environment may be possible by balancing the oxidation and reduction of our environment.
We propose our Anti Oxidant Method as one of the solutions to earth’s environmental issues. Recycling and reducing household waste is important. However, although some stores and consumers are changing from plastic bags to reusable grocery bags, it is only the form that has changed and the concept never changes. It is inevitable that we will see stacks of reusable grocery bags in the waste dump someday. We believe many of our environmental issues will be resolved if we use environmental depurative Anti Oxidant Solution adapted products. If plastic bags and industrial wastes become environmental depuratives, all of our environmental and waste issues will be resolved. By taking advantage of the Anti Oxidant Solution, our ultimate goal of environmental purification will be realized.


代表取締役会長 會田 伸一

Shinichi Aida CEO & Chairman

While growth of civilization promotes environmental destruction, the movement of environmental protection has recently been popularized. The natural disasters happening all over the world currently are unprecedented in recorded history. As changing global climate causes abnormal weather, we worry about the future of our earth.
 Many companies promote their environmentally friendly products excessively and consumers purchase these products to be a part of the earth friendly fad. I believe believe people do this for self-satisfaction and to assuage their fears about the earth’s deterioration.
Since the Industrial Revolution, we have been able to generate massive amounts of energy by taking advantage of fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gas. The petrochemical industry has composed and used many artificial substances; hence, the influence of human activity became even more significant upon the environment. Our current polluted environment is an indicator of the burden we placed on the earth in order to achieve economical growth and a more convenient life.
Products invented in order to achieve a more convenient life were meaningful in many ways. For example, plastic bottles were developed as substitutes for heavy glass bottles in order carry drinks more easily. Plastic shopping bags were developed as substitute for paper bags for increased durability. Nowadays, though, plastic bottles and plastic bags are blackballed as one of the main causes of environmental destruction. But is this true? Many propose that it will be possible to restore the earth’s environment if we abandon a life of convenience and live primitively.
If you try our Anti Oxidant Solution products, you will understand that our products can restore your health and purify the environment by just using them. Anything containing our Anti Oxidant Solution purifies the environment automatically. Used plastic bottle and plastic bags made with the Anti Oxidant Solution will purify the surrounding area as raindrops touch them. A little shift in your thinking will expand the possibility of environmental purification without abandoning our current convenient life. We expect individuals and companies who agree with our philosophy will increase in the near future. We firmly believe there is a real solution for restoring our health and the earth’s environment.

At last, we wish you health, happiness, and prosperity.

代表取締役社長 佐々田 共一

Kyoichi Sasada CEO & President

Company name ASK.Inc
Headquarter Post Code:840-0027
128-1 Honjo-Cho,Saga City,Saga,Japan
Tel: (+81)952-20-2547 Fax:(+81)952-20-2504
CEO & Chairman Shinichi Aida
CEO & President Kyoichi Sasada
Foundation August 1, 2007
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Our business 1.Planning, producing and marketing of enzyme relevancy products
2.Production and marketing of building materials
3.General construction business
4.Internet relevancy business
5.Renewal processing of waste and marketing of renewed waste
6.Consulting business regards
7.Supplementary business to the above list
Headquarter Post Code:840-0027
128-1 Honjo-Cho,Saga City,Saga,Japan
TEL:(+81)952-20-2547  FAX:(+81)952-20-2504
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