Environmental Restoration Salon

The Environmental Restoration Salon is different from ordinary saunas or stone saunas as sweating is not the primary purpose. The Environmental Restoration Salon is constructed using the Anti Oxidant Method with Anti Oxidant Tiles that are the culmination of our knowledge and technique to derive maximum effect of the Anti Oxidant Solution in the room.
Characteristics of Kankyo-Kaihuku-Slon (environmental recovery salon) use antioxidant tiles that gather wisdom and technical styling so that you can maximize the effectiveness of the antioxidant solution in the room constructed by the Anti-Oxidant-Method.

And just laying on the tile warming the floor temperature to around 50 ℃, the wavelength that removes the chain of oxidation heals the body and makes up the space to balance. Room temperature is 42 ~ 45 ℃, humidity is kept around 0 ~ 20%.

Generally speaking, if the humidity is zero, the mucous membranes of the throat and eyes will dry and I feel pain even in a few minutes.

However, at the Kankyo-Kaihuku-Slon(environmental recovery salon), I do not feel the suffering and stuffiness like a general sauna or rock bath. It does not cause a bad smell by antioxidizing the entire facility, and there is no breeding of bacteria and fungi, so hygiene is always maintained in the room.

Kankyo-Kaihuku-Slon (environmental restoration salon) promotes the circulation of body fluid such as blood, lymph, serum,etc. and it can expect the effect that autonomic nervous · immunity · hormonal balance works normally. It also activates the metabolism of the cells and makes the skin smoother. In addition, we think that the action (detox) that puts out chemical substances and waste products accumulated in the body outside the body will be effective for various diseases.

"Recruiting an environmental recovery salon owner!"

● What's anti oxidation?

Human beings generate energy by breathing air and taking oxygen in the body. However, unused oxygen in the body becomes oxidized and a phenomenon similar to corrosion of iron and food rotting occurs. Once oxidation starts in the body, it promotes a chain reaction and finally, it causes lifestyle related diseases (diabetes, hyperlipemia, and hepatic dysfunction, etc). Anti oxidation is the term used for controlling corrosion, rotting, and oxidation in the body.

● Recommended if you are having trouble which

・EImmune System failure such as cancer and rheumatism.
・ECirculatory system failure such as sensitivity to cold, constipation and diabetes.
・ENervous system failure such as brain infraction and Parkinson's disease.
・EAllergic failure such as atopic dermatitis and sick building syndrome.