What’s Anti Oxidant Solution?

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  • 抗酸化溶液とは?
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The word “antioxidant” or “anti-oxidation” has been popularized by the media recently. One of the most popular antioxidants is polyphenol, found in red wine. But why do red wines contain sulfite as a preservative? And catechin in green tea is also very popular as it is both an antioxidant and antibacterial. But, why do tea growers use pesticides even though tea leaves have antibacterial properties? Isn’t this strange? It can be said that the media is deceiving consumers by exaggerating the minute effects of antioxidants only for someone’s profit. Our Anti Oxidant Solution is in a totally different plane from the so-called “anti-oxidation” products on the market. ASK.Inc has a variety of products available for you to experience the difference. Please experience the power of our original Anti Oxidant Solution.
Rusting iron, rotting food, aging… it is popular knowledge that oxidation is the cause. It is also thought that increased oxidants or free radicals make human beings and animals sick, and turns normal cells malignant. To prevent rust, corrosion, and disease, we need to control oxidation. Anti-oxidation is the term used for control of oxidation.

Shinichi Aida, a first class architect and our representative director discovered this Anti Oxidant Solution that prevents spoiling and deterioration of items when he was researching soil optimum for Japanese architecture. Anti Oxidant Solution is a special enzyme solution that has since continued to be researched and developed. This special enzyme works beyond the natural boundaries of temperature, ph balance, and solvency of general enzyme reactions.
代表取締役会長 會田 伸一

Shinichi Aida
Chairman and representative director

This Anti Oxidant Solution is useful for more than building materials. Ceramics produced with Anti Oxidant Solution sustains its effects and performs catalytic function (reduction reaction) for long term and strongly even when it is baked at a very high temperature (1,200-1,300℃, 2,214-2,396°F). The Anti Oxidant Solution enzyme is on a different level in comparison to general enzymes derived from fungi or other microorganisms. Therefore, the phenomena brought about by our Anti Oxidant Solution is not interposed with fungi or microorganisms.

Some solutions, building methods, and products that seem to have similar effects to our Anti Oxidant Solution are on the market, but Shinichi Aida and ASK.Inc have never disclosed the methods for producing our Anti Oxidant Solution, nor supplied the solution to third parties. Please be aware of copies and imitations.

Our Anti Oxidant Solution prevents oxidation, rot, and propagation of bacteria. Anti Oxidant Solution also prevents human aging as it eliminates active oxygen in the body.
There are many invisible bacteria present in soil, water and air. The Anti Oxidant Solution balances the good bacteria and bad bacteria as well as allowing for the optimum environment for good bacteria to flourish.
Research has been conducted by several colleges to elucidate the mechanism of our Anti Oxidant Solution. One of the researchers commented, “The causative agent of Anti Oxidant Solution can’t be detected by contemporary science. However, there should be something, as we have so much anecdotal evidence of the phenomena on hand. There may be an unknown, low density catalytic substance existing in the Anti Oxidant Solution. We may be able to explain all of the phenomena reasonably if we introduce a hypothesis induced from these anecdotal evidences.” And they have undertaken researching and analyzing to verify the anecdotal evidences one by one.

The proposed hypothesis is that, “the phenomenon induced by the Anti Oxidant Solution is the result of various chemical reactions with air and the Anti Oxidant Solution works as a donor electron.” It is thought that this hypothesis reasonably explains the effects of the Anti-Oxidant Solution, but researcher enthusiasm has dampened as the enzyme component has yet to be detected and the complete mechanism of Anti Oxidant Solution explained by contemporary science.

Recently, Shinichi Aida proposed a hypothesis that elucidates the mysterious mechanism of the Anti Oxidant Solution. Aida explains the phenomenon as “a balance of oxidation (releasing energy) and reduction (absorbing energy).” For example, articles don’t rot when good bacteria has advantage against bad bacteria in the air. Anti Oxidant Solution and our products organize the bacterial balance in the air. We believe our Anti-Oxidant Solution holds the key to solving worldwide issues such as reducing CO2 and energy problems.
・Preserves freshness, deodorizes, saves energy, and controls pests whatever the material or object is, and its function lasts semipermanently.

・Moisture prevention, antistatic and dust proofing (needs more research)
・Dissolves toxic chemical substances
・Eliminates free radicals
After noticing the deodorizing effects of bath additives made with Anti Oxidant Solution, Shinichi Aida and ASK.Inc have been researching to use of Anti Oxidant Solution in reduction of harm from volatile organic solvents that are discharged from building materials in the building industry, which is Aida’s specialty. The Anti Oxidant Method has proved to not only be effective preventing sick building syndrome, but is also saving energy, preventing moisture, static, dust, and pests simultaneously in highly levels. We have launched “Iki-Iki Health Restoration House” because of these observed positive effects of the solution in construction. We have been earning an excellent reputation as promoting a healthy building method nationwide in Japan.