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Hello ASK, I wish to thank you for your products. I have been using your washing powder on my clothes and bedding and I can feel a difference, sometimes I wake up early and I can feel my lips buzzing, but I think that this is also due to your product that I have put into the paint which is now on my bedroom ceiling and four walls. I feel very much alive. I have also been using your washing powder to brush my teeth with. It tastes disgusting but they are definitely ‘squeaky’ clean. I suspect that it is also good on my gums, last night one area of my gum became swollen so I just wet my finger and placed it into your washing powder to then rub what was stuck to my finger onto my gum. I easily feel asleep only to find the swelling gone this morning. I have also been using the vegetable bags. A few months ago I found weavels and moths in my rice. I poured the rice onto your bag and was pleasantly surprised to see the moths fly away and the weavels all crawled away from the rice. I now store all my food products like rice and different flours inside a separate bag each. I haven’t yet used a bag to store my vegetables in but I intend to keep them fresher. I also intend to paint the shelving in my pantry to keep all cockroaches and other insects away. I will do this soon. Again, thank you so much. Kind regards

(M. K)

We have both been very happy with the ASK products we have experienced so far. The ceramic balls help purify our water and the cosmetics we’ve used them with. Vegetables and fruit stay fresher longer in the storage bags, and the ASK enzyme helps revitalise our bodies through the regular treatments Shige provides, as well as our clothes when we use the washing powder.
We are grateful for the opportunity to utilise this revolutionary natural technology.
(G and G)

(G and G)

I have been using “Pure Soap Emina 99” for washing clothes & the soap for the body, both of which I am extremely happy with, It is effective environmentally friendly, non toxic,has multi purposes & I feel the soap.
is great for my sensitive skin & it is appearing more youthful.

私は洗濯とボディソープとして “Pure Soap”emina99を使用していますが、非常に満足しています。環境に優しく、毒性が無く、多目的で、私の敏感な肌に最適で、より若々しく見せてくれます。

I used the Pure Soap Emina99 powder on my hair this morning and my hair feels nice and soft so purchasing no more shampoos. It came up in a very nice lather and did only one wash with it.

私は、今朝、“Pure Soap”emina99で髪を洗いました。髪が心地よく柔らかく感じます。シャンプーはこれで購入しなくてよくなりました。 一度洗っただけで、大変素敵な髪に変わりました。

My experience in using Pure Soap Emina99 for washing Clothes for about a year now. I have found Pure Soap to be affective in clean my clothes and a that I can put the used water on the garden, which I found my plants thrive on it. As well you do not need to use very much as normal detergent. My Clothes come out better and softer. I love using the Pure Soap as I know it is a bonus in helping to balance the environment.
The Popo Natural Soap I use now for my regular wash. I used to always get a rash at bottom of legs for many, many years, sometime small and sometimes more severer I thought it was the heat or the washing of the clothes with other detergent or the socks I was wearing. Since using the soap and powder, the rash on the legs haven’t come back. It is great for me and great for the environment.
My next experiment is to use the Pure Soap Emina99 powder to wash my hair.
I have given a Soap to a friend for her birthday who has allergic reaction to stress comes out in a rash who is now giving the soap a try. I can get some information on her using the soap, from her soon.

“Pure Soap”emina99洗濯に使いだして、もうすぐ1年になります。“Pure Soap”emina99が、衣類をきれいにすることに感動さえ覚えます。使用済み洗濯水で、作物が元気になることも発見しました。また、量も普通の洗剤と違い少量で済みます。衣類がより良く、より柔らかく仕上がります。更に、私が“Pure Soap”emina99を使うことで、環境浄化の役に立っているということが何よりも大好きです。
“化粧石鹸”ぽぽも日常的に使っています。数年に渡り、足の裏に発疹が出来ていました。市販の洗剤で靴下を洗濯する刺激が原因と悟りました。“Pure Soap”emina99と“化粧石鹸”ぽぽのお陰で、脚の湿疹は発症しなくなりました。私にとっても、環境にとっても素晴らしいことです。
次に、試験的に、“Pure Soap”emina99で髪を洗い始めました。

I have endured many years of suffering from a rare autoimmune condition called Dercums Syndrome, with many symptoms including Fibromyalgia, painful lipomas, loss of energy, mental fog, and frequent vertigo episodes.
I started using emina99 soap 6 months ago in a foot bath, and in the bathtub. I noticed a significant decrease in the vertigo, my skin became very soft and clear within a few days, and I was able to become more and more active.
I was originally having only 2-3 days per week that I could function normally, this increased to 4-5 days within 1 month. After 2 months I began using the ceramic balls for my shower, and also for my drinking water combined with the Iki-Iki-Pail.
The results are quite amazing, and since the day I started using the ceramic balls with the emina99 I have been able to function every day, and manage to increase my daily activities considerably.
I would like to thank the wonderful people at the Aida-Soken company for making these wonderful products, with such amazing results I would like to give my strongest recommendation to anyone who is suffering from illness, or healthy people.
These products have changed my life.
(P J)

私は、永年に渡り、線維筋痛症、痛みを伴う脂肪腫、エネルギー喪失、意識混濁、および頻繁なめまい等の症状を伴う、Dercums Syndrome(有痛性皮下脂肪腫)に苦しめられています。
(P J)

I’m emailing you to thank you for all the services you have provided over the years I’ve been attending your practice.
I noticed at the last visit that the technology of cleaning the air using enzymes very pleasant. It was so noticable and especially as the freshly painted room had no smell of the paint of which I’m am sensitive to.
Thank you so much Shige for taking care of your clients and always thinking of new ways to make you practice environment pure.
I feel privlaged to experience the enzyme technology from Japan that you have introduced to your practice.

The ceramic balls and buckets I purchased prepare clean water so I no longer smell the chlorine or other additives.
I feed my plants with the water left over from washing fruit and vegetables in the enzyme water and the plants seem to thrive and look strong and green。
I have started to put the enzyme water that I get from the the buckets into the bird bath for the bird bath in the garden.
I have so many birds daily that come to drink and bath in the bird bath and I imagine they like the clean healthy water.

I put the ceramic balls in my face cream. I brush my teeth with a solution of the emina99 and find my teeth shiny and clean.
The round enzyme soap is especially good. After washing my face I find that the soap has gently exfoliated my skin. And the pure magic is the soap seems to last forever.
The Emina99 powder is wonderful. I have never liked perfumes in my washing so the Enima 99 laundry powder is the best solution.
It also seems to gently take out excess dies from clothes.
I use the Emina99 in my bathing routine as well as the ceramic discs and find the bath water gentle with no smell of chlorine.
My sister who bought the Enima99 was having trouble putting and end to a terrible smell coming from a drain in the bathroom and a solution of the powder instantly took the smell away.
As an artist I have been putting the powder into my acrylic paint to stop the smell and fumes.
There has been a great inprovement in my life because of the enzymes. I hope more and more begin to use the enzymes.
Thank you so much Shige,
(T C)



洗剤についている香料が受け付けられませんでしたが、enima 99は最高の洗剤です。
(T C)